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Hula Drama 2018 

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Aloha Kalanianaʻole - Tree Planting 2018

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Hula Drama 2018

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Early College Graduates 2018 

Parents » Puʻulu Aukahi Makua

Puʻulu Aukahi Makua

Aloha and Welcome,


All parents or guardians of children attending KANU, as well as each member of the professional staff are members of the Parent support organization, and are encouraged to participate in its activities.

Our purpose is to support Kanu o ka ‘Äina, its students, Teachers, Staff, Administration and Governing Board, known collectively as Kanu o ka ‘Äina Learning ‘Ohana.  We aim to facilitate opportunities for parents and family members to assist their children and KANU as a whole, by volunteering in various capacities.  We’re always eager to find more great people, like you, to help us meet this goal.

We don’t expect a huge time commitment from volunteers. Whatever your time schedule and interests are, we have need of you. Becoming active is really easy – and it really makes a difference. Please be on the lookout for our inserts in our schools Hunehune Kalo Newsletter for more information.

Involvement at the school also makes it easier to establish friendships with teachers and other parents. We promise that the time you give our group and school will be worth your while – and fun!


Puʻulu Aukahi Mākua Officers

Kaimilani Okubo - President

Kahealani Kaaihili - Vice President

Shelly Stimac - Treasurer

Heather Sarsona - Secretary


Other Poʻo Include: 

Lori Bishop - Special Events

Edlyn Carvalho - Pūʻulu Spokesperson

Shelly Stimac - Uniform Recycle Program

Lori Bishop, Shelly Stimac - Spirit Card Fundraiser

Claire OʻBrien - Box Tops for Education Program

Heather Sarson - Book Exchange

Kahea Kaaihili - Teacher Reps

Heather Sarson - Volunteer Coordinator

Lori Bishop - Teacher Appreciation 


Hui Parent Representatives

We would like to send a warm Mahalo out to our new Hui Parent Representatives. Our goal is to keep parents informed and involved with huakaʻi, class gatherings, volunteer opportunities, school-wide activities and assisting our kumu with simple classroom tasks. If you are interested in being a representative or in volunteering, please contact your Hui Parent Representative (listed on the back).  

Here are wish list items for kumu and staff. You can drop off any of the items at either school office and it will be given to the appropriate kumu and staff. Mahalo!


*Phone Headset     *3M Stick on Hooks     *Rubber balls      *Pump for balls
*Dry Erase Markers     *Fake Money     *Subject Dividers     *A Globe      *World Map
*Colorful Sharpies     *Chapter Book Sets—Magic School bus, Magic Treehouse
*Worm Bins     *Floor Fans     *Hand Trowels and Spades     *Basketballs    
*Art Supplies—Sketch books, watercolor tablets, paintbrushes, canvas, etc.
*Irrigation Supplies—misters, shut-off valves, timers, etc.     *Planting Pots
*Microscopes/Lab Equipment     *Garden Tools     *Soccer balls    *Outdoor Volleyball Set   *Top Soil     *Green Waste     *Camera Equiptment—16 gig flash card, Audio Equipment, etc.  *Grow Trays     *Compost Bin     *Bean Bags    


 List of Accomplishments

YEAR: 2010 -2011

·     ‘Ohana Orientation Packets                    ·         Local School Board Parent Representative Election

·     ‘Ohana Directory                                     ·         Box Tops/Labels for school established

·     Spirit Card Fundraiser                             ·        Assisted with KANU’s 1st Fall Festival

·     Volunteer Coordination                           ·         Volunteer Handbook

·     Recycle School Uniform                          ·         Education and Support Committee

·     Officers and All Standing Committees

      Special Events                                            School Uniform Recycle

YEAR: 2011- 2012

·     Purchase of 12 ukulele for Middle and High school students

·     Donations towards Festival of Lights event

      Christmas trees per hui                             Ornaments & Wreaths

      General Supplies

·     Box Top for Education Program continues


YEAR: 2012 – 2013
·     Teachers Appreciation Luncheon           ·        Open House & Campus Beautification
·     Halloween Party                                      ·          Festival of Lights Dinner
·     Silent Auction                                          ·          Exceeded Box Tops for Education goal (ongoing
·     Assist ÿAha Haumäna in Social Activities
·     Book Exchange                                          ·     Cookbook Fundraiser                                     

Upcoming YEAR: 2013 – 2014
·     Teachers Appreciation Week                  ·        Book Exchange
·     Halloween Party                                      ·          Festival of Lights Dinner
·     Box Tops for Education goal (ongoing)
·     Hui Parent Representatives                               

Special Note

None of this could happen without the effort and cooperation of everyone.